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An article for the innocent, gullible people who believe in forwarding every wrong messages that come their way to everyone in their contacts. This is about Telegram app message that I see has been doing rounds since last year. The recent forwarded message that I received recently is copy-pasted below […]

Forwarding Hoax Telegram message in whatsapp.

Remember your childhood days at this time of the year? The toy guns and the red strips with bubble of explosives that would burst with crackling sound and fire sparks at the pull of trigger by our tiny little fingers then? The majestic pandals with all those glittering lights? The savoury sweets of various types? The lovely magnificent idol of Goddess Durga sitting on lion both attacking the evil guy Mr. Mahishasura, the evil buffalo demon, epitomising the victory of Good over Evil? Well the festive season is back here in Ziro again as is the case in various parts of India

Durga Puja celebrations in Ziro